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Foreword from the Chief Executive Officer

Throughout the creation of this website we have always borne in mind one thing that it portray a wealth of information for our visitors and serve as a reference point for the various aspects of the industries and sectors which we regulate.

My office is here to provide you with detailed guidance on meeting your responsibilities within these sectors so that needless problems and complaints can be avoided. In contrast, we will help you resolve any disputes you may encounter within these sectors, acting always with our core values in mind - integrity, professionalism, fairness, and competence.

I hope your visit to this website proves informative and your queries are resolved. I hope too that any further interaction with my staff proves helpful and Im sure they will endeavour to meet your needs every step of the way. We aim to provide an effective service with every customer and I hope your experience is no different.

We are open to criticism as much as we are to praise and so please email us with your comments about how we may improve the website, or indeed about any aspect of our service.