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A General Authorisation is defined as the legal framework established under and pursuant to the Communications Act 2006 ensuring rights for the provision of electronic communications networks or electronic communications services or both and laying down the conditions and, where applicable, the specific obligations for such provision.

According to the Authority’s Register of Authorised persons, the following operators hold a General Authorisation to provide electronic communications networks and services:

  • Gibfibrespeed
  • U-mee
  • Sapphire Networks
  • Gibtelecom.

Regulation 17 of the Communications (Authorisation and Licensing) Regulations 2006 also provides that a General Condition is a condition listed in Part A of the Schedule to the Regulations and that every communications provider holding a General Authorisation shall comply with the conditions applicable to them.

The Authority considers it appropriate to review and update the General Conditions and is therefore proposing amendments as contained in this public consultation.