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Guidelines for Parties Requesting Formal Dispute Resolution Intervention
  1. To expedite resolution of your complaint via our formal dispute resolution process may we ask you to fully comply with the prescribed format attached.
  2. Please ensure that the request for dispute resolution is signed and dated (where the complainant is a company the signature must be that of a person authorised to sign on behalf of the company.
  3. Particular attention should be paid to ensuring that where confidential information is provided in support of this request that such information is clearly marked and contained in a separate annex to this document.
  4. The contact name provided will normally be the only contact used by this office for the duration of the process. Should this contact name be changed the onus is on the complainant to inform the GRA of this in writing.
  5. Requests for formal dispute resolution can be sent via post or email
  6. The GRA reserves the right to deal with any request for assistance on a dispute in a manner which is outside the formal dispute procedures provided for in the GRA Dispute Procedure Document. Complainants will be informed prior to any such dispute resolution procedure.