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Wholesale Broadband Access Markets and Retail Broadband Market

The communications regulatory framework requires the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) to define relevant markets susceptible to ex-ante regulation, appropriate to national circumstances in accordance with the market definition procedure outlined in the Framework Directive.In addition, the GRA is required to conduct an analysis of the relevant markets to decide whether or not they are effectively competitive and, having identified competition problems, propose appropriate regulatory measures.

The GRA is consulting on its reviews of three separate markets:

The Retail Broadband market

The Wholesale Local Access market

The Wholesale Central Access market.

The review follows the methodology that is now well established across the EU, adapted to take account of the particular circumstances of Gibraltar.

The GRA sets out in this document how, on a preliminary basis, it has found each of the three markets reviewed to be susceptible to ex-ante regulation and analysed those markets to see if there is evidence of market power. The analyses take into consideration a range of factors in the assessment of market power including high market shares, conduct which would indicate market power, countervailing buyer power, barriers to entry, potential competition and vertical integration.