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Carrier Pre-selection

In order to promote and sustain a competitive telecommunications market in Gibraltar consumers should be able choose between the services of as many operators as possible. Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) is a method which allows this particular type of service.

With the introduction of CPS a consumer will be able to decide in advance which alternative operator will carry certain pre-defined classes of call (e.g. all international calls). To enable such routing the consumer does not have to dial a routing prefix or perform any other action. CPS can be over-ridden on a call-by-call basis by dialling the carrier access/carrier selection code of another operator. Call categories not included in a pre-selection scheme are still connected by Gibtelecom.

An accurate carrier pre-selection system will provide effective competition in a liberalised telecommunications environment. CPS allows consumers to use telecommunications services in a more flexible manner geared towards their specific needs. The existence of such services creates pressure on the incumbent operator to lower prices, reduce their costs and introduce new services, thus spreading the benefits of competition to all consumers.