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Closure Statement

On the 17th October 2014, under the provisions of section 62 of the Broadcasting Act 2012 (the “Act”), the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation (“GBC”), referred a complaint to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (the “Authority”), made by Panorama (the “Complainant”). The nature of the complaint is that GBC “…is not fulfilling its statutory and other obligations, and hence may be in breach of the Broadcasting Act 2012 and Codes…” given that “…there is a lack of equality in treatment and due impartiality”.

The Complainant raised serious concerns about GBC’s editorial judgement. However, having considered all of the above, the Authority has found no evidence to prove that GBC has acted in a discriminatory manner, nor have they committed a breach of the Act or Code. As a result of this, the Authority dismisses the Complainant’s complaint against GBC.

Nevertheless, the Authority wishes to highlight that, as the sole public service broadcaster, GBC has a duty to ensure that the broadcast of news and current affairs is made available to the whole community in an objective and impartial manner.