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Media service providers in Gibraltar require an audiovisual media service licence to provide audiovisual media services via electronic communications networks. However, this licence is not required if the media service provider holds a valid licence as provided for in the Broadcasting (Licensing) Regulations 2019, and the content to be broadcast via electronic communications networks is the same, and broadcast simultaneously, as the service or services already being broadcast.

The application form and accompanying guidance notes for the audiovisual media service licence can be found below. The guidance notes provide an overview of the licensing process, the licensing requirements and the conditions that licensees are subject to, but do not purport to explain all the relevant provisions of the legislation, or give an exhaustive account of the licensing requirements or licence conditions. Applicants should seek their own legal advice for this purpose. The application form and guidance notes cannot be taken as modifying the effect of the Broadcasting Act 2012 or the conditions of the licence.