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The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (the “GRA”) has published a report on the results collated from the media literacy survey which was carried out as part of its ‘Media Literacy Matters’ Campaign. The aim of the survey was to assess media literacy levels, identify knowledge gaps as well as gauge the proficiency of individuals using digital tools and platforms effectively and safely in our community. The media literacy survey took place over a seven-week period, commencing on 7th November 2023 and concluding on 20th December 2023. The survey was conducted online and carried out door-to-door questionnaires throughout Gibraltar.

The result of the survey corresponds to 5,767 adults, and 473 survey responses from school children aged 10 to 17. The total number of completed surveys received was 6,240, representing 16% of the Gibraltar population based on preliminary estimates of Gibraltar Census 2022 that the population of Gibraltar is 38,000 residents.

The survey has provided invaluable insights for the GRA as it has uncovered media literacy deficiencies in our community. The feedback received has led the GRA to establish the following six regulatory goals to be pursued in the short to medium term: (i) increase media literacy awareness, (ii) educate on misinformation and disinformation, (iii) engage with stakeholders, (iv) seek international collaboration, (v) monitor and evaluate media literacy levels, and (vi) gain local community support.