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A “General Authorisation” is defined as the legal framework established under and pursuant to the Communications Act 2006 ensuring rights for the provision of electronic communications networks or electronic communications services or both and laying down the conditions and, where applicable, the specific obligations for such provision.

Regulation 17 of the Communications (Authorisation and Licensing) Regulations also provides that a General Condition is a condition listed in Part A of the Schedule to the Regulations and that every communications provider holding a General Authorisation shall comply with the conditions applicable to them. On 7th July 2017, the GRA published consultation C04/17 on a review of the General Conditions. The closing date for submitting comments was 7th August 2017.

Taking the utmost account of the comments received, the GRA published its Response to Public Consultation and Decision C07/17 on 6thSeptember 2017. This document contains the General Conditions which will apply to all operators holding a General Authorisation.

The GRA therefore publishes Notice C08/17 that shall come into operation on the 15th September 2017, on which date Notice No. 08/2011 shall cease to have effect.

The GRA has re-published Notice C08/17 on the 29th January 2018 in order to correct a number of typographical errors, however the contents of the Notice remain unchanged.