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Under the Communications Act 2006, the GRA is responsible for the management of the radio spectrum in Gibraltar. Since 2003, the GRA has implemented a national measurement programme to ensure that electromagnetic fields (“EMF”) from cellular base stations do not exceed the recommended International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines, a standard adopted by HM Government of Gibraltar.

In order to better the efforts to ensure that radio transmitters, including next generation mobile network antennas are compliant with the ICNIRP guidelines, the GRA has invested in equipment to continuously monitor EMF levels throughout Gibraltar in the frequency band 20MHz to 40GHz. The band includes all spectrum currently used for mobile telephony, radar, Wi-Fi and broadcasting services, both locally and from neighbouring countries. For a comprehensive list of permitted services in this frequency range, please refer to the GAT (Gibraltar Frequency Allocation Table).

The equipment initially consists of four fixed monitoring units, an indoor deployable unit (for use inside buildings), and a handheld portable unit to measure EMF at any location around Gibraltar. The fixed and deployable units monitor EMF levels in real time in the bands 20MHz to 40GHz and automatically upload the information onto a publicly available portal, which displays information on the locations of the fixed monitoring units and EMF measurements, accessible here.

At the request of members of the public and for compliance purposes, additional spot checks are also carried out using the handheld portable unit operating in the same band.

Below is a list of archive mobile base station audits pre-EMF monitoring portal.

The ‘EMF Guide mobile app’ from the International Telecommunications Union (“ITU”) accessible here , also provides the public with reliable and clear information on the behaviours of EMF, along with internationally agreed mechanisms for EMF management. 

If you require any further information or are concerned about EMF levels in your area, please email

Taking into account of ECC/DEC/(04)05 and section 62 of the Communications Act 2006, radio equipment manufacturers which conform to the following conditions, will be exempt from requiring to apply for Radio Type Approval in order to market their devices in Gibraltar:

If the equipment does not meet all the conditions above, an application for Radio Type approval must be made to The GRA reserves the right to review its Radio Type Approval policy at any time and may request additional information from the manufacturer to satisfy compliance requirements.

Please contact our offices if you have any queries.