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The Voluntary Code of Practice (“the Code”) applies to all Authorised Providers who sign up to it (the “signatories”) and who provide fixed/IP telephony, mobile telephony and broadband services, or any combination of these.

The Code requires Authorised Providers to provide transparent, accurate information relating to fixed and mobile telephony and broadband services to customers. This information includes, but is not limited to, information on contracts, terms and conditions, bundles and tariffs, broadband speeds and how to resolve issues that may arise from time to time.

The Code ensures that all customers who purchase the relevant telephony and broadband services from signatories, receive the information required in order to be provided under the principles set out in the Code.

Unless otherwise stated, the full requirements of the Code apply to both new customers and existing customers, either buying new services or upgrading or downgrading a particular service they already subscribe to.

The GRA will be publishing the list of signatories as and when each authorised operator agrees to comply with the terms of the Code.

The GRA will be keeping the list of signatories updated at all times and may also publish the list, from time to time, on social media in order to keep customers informed as regards changes to the list of signatories; especially in cases where an Authorised Provider may have breached the Code and is consequently removed. Any Authorised Provider who breaches the Code will not be allowed to become a signatory until such time as they make all necessary changes to remedy their breach and are deemed compliant.