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The Merger Notice is for the purpose of notifying an anticipated or completed merger to the GCMA pursuant to section 157 of the Competition Act 2020. The person submitting the Merger Notice (the notifying person) takes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information. Any authorisation to act on behalf of another person must be submitted to the GCMA in writing. An authorisation to act on behalf of a company shall be signed by a director or other officer of that company.

The Merger Remedies Notice specifies the information and documents to be submitted by the merger parties for the purpose of offering undertakings in lieu of reference (“UIL”) pursuant to section 128 of the Competition Act 2020 (the "Act").

The information requested allows the GCMA to examine whether the proposed UILs offered by the merger parties (or a modified version of them) might be acceptable to remedy, mitigate or prevent in a clear-cut manner the substantial lessening of competition identified by the GCMA in its decision pursuant to section 74 or 85 of the Act.