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In response to the increasing levels of data protection concerns, and the global importance of privacy and data security, countries and organisations world-wide will come together today to celebrate and embrace data privacy through Data Protection Day. Now in its ninth year, Data Protection Day was first launched by the Council of Europe in 2007 and is a yearly event, held on the 28th January.

Last year, on Data Protection Day the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, in its role as Data Protection Commissioner earmarked 2014 as a year to take significant steps in raising awareness of privacy matters through the launch of the "Control your Privacy" Campaign. As part of that campaign, the Data Protection Commissioner engaged with middle schools, giving insightful presentations to year 7 students. It was established that 92% of those students used social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat. 60% of them used social media every day, and 33% of them were not using privacy controls and were at risk. Given these statistics, the importance of data protection awareness cannot be understated.