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Data Protection Survey Shows that Virtually all Local Students Aged 11 and Over Use Social Networking Sites

This year the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, as the Data Protection Commissioner undertook its second schools survey on the use of Social Networking Sites (“SNS”) and privacy. In summary, the key findings of the survey are the following:

• 97% of Year 7 students use SNS

• Virtually all local students over 11 use SNS and 3 quarters use it daily

• 37% of the students hardly ever, or never use appropriate privacy controls

• Risks to privacy from the unauthorised disclosure and interception of photographs

• 1 in 4 students reveal information about others without their consent

• 9 out of 10 students use access controls on their mobile phones

• Students increase their use of SNS as they get older

• Year 9 students are the least secure when using SNS and portable devices.