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We are back!  

Unable to hold our in-person workshops for over two years, the Information Commissioner has selected the Sunborn Hotel Gibraltar as the venue to launch his next workshop series. Intentionally chosen to coincide with the 5th Anniversary of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (now superseded by the Gibraltar General Data Protection Regulation), our next workshop will be held over two days (24 & 25 May 2023), specifically focusing on Cyber Security and Data Security on our second day, given the acceleration and growth in the digital economy and evolving cyber threats.

Alongside members of the GRA’s Information Commissioner’s office, the event features expert speakers from the public and private sector including Gibraltar’s Gambling Commissioner, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC), the Gibraltar Financial Intelligence Unit (GFIU), the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Isle of Man’s Information Commissioner, Guernsey’s Data Protection Commissioner, Jersey’s Information Commissioner, the Islands Data Governance Forum and the Dubai International Financial Centre Data Protection Commissioner's Office.

The sessions have been designed to continue our focus on the delivery of guidance, assisting in compliance, and providing a forum where Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and other professionals, have an opportunity to engage with the regulator and experts on compliance issues. The workshops also provide our office with an opportunity, as regulator, to learn about, and obtain a better understanding of the common issues/challenges faced by data controllers and processors.

The workshop aims to bring together professionals, and board members, from across the varied business sectors in Gibraltar, who make informed decisions to support organisational governance. Over two days, the sessions will deliver value to all within an organisation, from the DPO to the CEO, CIO and CTO.

The sessions are themed to focus on data protection and cyber-related matters with a focus on data protection as a framework, helping organisations navigate internal and external threats and challenges, especially for those business and public services who about deliver services through technology in the digital environment.

Although you may have already registered to show your interest, we ask you to register fully by following our links below. The below links also provide additional detail regarding the workshop, including the programme and our guest speakers, which may be subject to change but are accurate as of launch date. Further details to be communicated as and when any changes may occur.

We hope to see you there!

Should you still require further information or help registering for our workshop, please email us, using

Please click on the following link to access the Workshop Registration Form: 

Payment information is provided within the Registration Form.  

Our aim is to provide a collaborative platform at our workshops, for the provision of guidance and to assist all business sectors, as necessary and appropriate, in their journey towards data protection compliance.  

With the above in mind, we ask that you/your organisation complete the below survey: 

The information collated from this survey will allow the Information Commissioner's office to adapt the style, format, focus and delivery of the workshops in line with your expectations. It is our intention to maximize and facilitate attendance by like-minded professionals (in addition to Data Protection Officers) by broadening the scope of our workshops.

A cross section and wealth of experience, spanning a broad section of areas, both locally and internationally. Introducing some innovative and thought leadership subject matter experts, that should generate valued points of view, opinions and guidance.