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This guide (attached below) aims to inform readers in advance about the new law and what it will mean for people, businesses and public services in Gibraltar.

This guide (attached below) is a general guide for information only and is not legal advice or a definitive statement of the law. To assist readers references are made to some of the relevant sections of the Act.

The Data Protection Act will affect all types of data held including information held by the police, and information held in computerised and manual forms.


We all have an interest in ensuring that personal data is accurate, kept up to date and used in a responsible and transparent way.

The main aim of the Data Protection Act 2004 is to achieve just that. It helps both the holders of data and the people who are the subjects of the data, and strikes a balance between the rights of data subjects and the needs of businesses and service providers in Gibraltar.

The Data Protection Commissioner will have an important role in ensuring that the right balance is struck in Gibraltar. The Data Protection Commissioner will be the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and will be independent of government.