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The Information Commissioner’s office regularly engages with key global data protection and information rights fora, as outlined in the following –

The GPA first met in 1979 as the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, and has since been the premier global forum for data protection and privacy authorities.

The GPA seeks to provide leadership at international level in data protection and privacy matters. It does so by connecting the efforts of more than 130 data protection and privacy authorities from across the globe.

In 2015, the GRA became an accredited member of the GPA, and is currently also an active participant in the GPA’s Global Cross Border Enforcement Cooperation Arrangement, which aims to foster data protection compliance by organisations processing personal data across borders.

The GRA is also a member of the GPA’s International Enforcement Working Group and the GPA’s Digital Education Working Group.

The GRA attends this annual conference, otherwise known as the ‘Spring Conference’, as an accredited member. It is a forum for privacy authorities across wider Europe to exchange views as well as best practices on privacy and data protection related matters.

Through the ECDPA, the GRA also attends annual European Case Handling Workshops, formed as a subgroup of the Spring Conference. Aimed at case handlers and focused on interaction, knowledge sharing and discussion, these workshops encourage dialogue between privacy authorities on a practical level. The GRA will be hosting the upcoming European Case Handling Workshop 2021, in November 2021.

As of 1st November 2019, Convention 108 was extended to Gibraltar. Convention 108 is the first legally binding international instrument in the data protection field. Parties to Convention 108 are required to take steps to ensure their domestic legislation applies the principles it lays down to guarantee respect in their territory for the fundamental human rights of all individuals with regard processing of personal data.

GPEN is a product of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”). It was established to foster cross-border co-operation among privacy authorities and connects privacy enforcement authorities from around the world. GPEN aims to promote and support co-operation in the cross-border enforcement of laws protecting privacy.

The GRA’s work with GPEN involves, amongst other things, monthly teleconferences where GPEN members from across the world share their experiences and expertise.  Further, the GRA participates in the annual “GPEN Sweep.” This is an initiative whereby privacy enforcement authorities, including the GRA, participate in a coordinated activity to assess global privacy practices.

The GRA attends quarterly teleconferences and face to face meetings organised by the CTN. The CTN is a forum for data protection and privacy authorities of Commonwealth countries that aims to promote cross-border cooperation.

BIIDPA is an annual meeting attended by the GRA as along with privacy authorities from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Malta, and Bermuda. Discussions at the meetings are usually informal in nature and focus on privacy trends and practices in each authority’s respective jurisdiction.