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With the Christmas festivities approaching, the Data Protection Commissioner urges all shoppers to be more careful when giving out your credit card details.

  • Be careful when entering your pin number after a purchase.
  • Use secure websites when buying online.
  • Shred expired credit cards.
  • Immediately report stolen or lost credit cards.

A report in The Times newspaper has highlighted an ongoing problem with Credit Card details being sold on the internet. An investigation found that there are more 100 websites offering to sell 30,000 British credit card numbers for less than 1 each.

Stolen details of credit cards are a reality which we must all face. There are 3 main methods of stealing credit card information:

  1. Viruses contained in e-mails that install malicious software to collect information such as login names, bank account details and credit card numbers. Make sure you use up-to-date antivirus software.
  2. Handheld credit card readers are used to "skim" cards and copy data that is then used to clone another one. Check your accounts regularly for unusual transactions.
  3. Bin raiders go through rubbish bins to find discarded bank statements and utility bills. Make sure that all personal documents are shredded before you throw them out.