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Data Privacy Day, which is celebrated annually on January 28th, encourages everyone to make the protection of privacy and data a greater priority. Data Privacy Day is an effort to empower and educate people to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint online. 2014 is a year where much change is envisaged in the data protection world, in particular because of the proposed changes to European data protection legislation. It is hoped that these changes will bring about many long awaited reforms, including a focus on the right to be forgotten. In accordance with these changes, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, in its role as Data Protection Commissioner, is proposing to make Gibraltar more aware about privacy in today's world.

The Commissioner has earmarked this year as a year in which positive steps will be taken to raise awareness of privacy, in particular in the ever growing digital world. Whilst there is little doubt that the use of social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat bring with them a plethora of benefits, it is imperative that social networkers and internet users alike are aware of who can access the personal data they upload, and where all this data is held. The Commissioner is therefore proud to announce today, the launch of his "Control Your Privacy" Campaign which aims to engage different groups in the community, in an effort to promote the importance of taking control of, and protecting one's privacy.