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The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, as the Data Protection Commissioner, is introducing an opt-out register for fax and telephone. The opt-out register is based on the provisions found in the Communications (Personal Data and Privacy) Regulations 2006, and the Data Protection Commissioner is the supervisory authority empowered to regulate and maintain the register. This service is available to any individual or company who does not want to receive direct marketing calls and/or faxes.

It is a legal requirement that all marketing companies do not send out marketing faxes or make marketing telephone calls to the subscribers recorded on the opt-out register unless they have the subscriber's consent to do so. The opt-out register allows marketing companies to check telephone and fax numbers to ensure that they do not inadvertently call or fax a number that has opted out of direct marketing calls and/or faxes.

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority has updated its website to include guidance material, and an application form for individuals or companies who wish to register their fax and/or telephone number in the opt-out register. The guidance available includes details on the law, guidance for marketing companies, and guidance for subscribers. This information is available on the GRA website, [www.gra.gi] .

Key points

•The register is open to both residential and business phone subscribers.

•It is a free service.

•Its aim is to stop unsolicited marketing messages.

•After 28 days of opting out, no unsolicited direct marketing calls and/or faxes should be received.

•Marketing companies who break the rules may face prosecution by the Commissioner.

For further information please contact the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority on +35020074636 or email privacy@gra.gi