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Sunday 28th January 2018 marks the anniversary of Data Protection Day, an annual event celebrated internationally, which commemorates the importance of privacy and data protection.

To celebrate Data Protection Day, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (“GRA”) as the Data Protection Commissioner will be at the Piazza on Monday 29th January 2018 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm to raise awareness of data protection and privacy issues, enabling people to exercise their rights more effectively and take better control over their information.
This event forms part of the GRA’s “Control Your Privacy” Campaign, whose aim is to provide different sectors of the community with information about their privacy rights, including the right to information granted by data protection law and the right to ensure that companies are processing personal data properly.

With the emergence of new technologies that bring great benefits to society and the economy, has come an increase in the amount of information that organisations collect and process about individuals. Data Protection is therefore increasingly important to ensure that organisations collect and use our information securely, responsibly, and legitimately in accordance with the law. It is equally important for individuals to be aware of the risk to privacy from new technologies, as well as their rights under data protection law.

To see the full document, please download it on the link below.