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Data Protection Day is celebrated globally, each year on 28th January. On this date, national data protection bodies and other sectors carry out activities to raise awareness about the rights to personal data protection and privacy. These may include campaigns targeting the general public, educational projects for teachers and students, open doors at data protection agencies, and conferences.

Below are some of the activities carried out by the Information Commissioner’s office to commemorate Data Protection Day.

Data Protection Day is an annual event celebrated internationally on 28 January. Its aim is to raise awareness of the importance of privacy and data protection, particularly in light of the ever-increasing challenges faced in our increasingly globalized and digitised world. This year, the Information Commissioner, has published an awareness-raising audio-visual, highlighting key information relating to deceptive design patterns in online platform interfaces (the “Video”).

Deceptive design patterns are considered conniving interfaces and user journeys implemented by online platforms. They may show up as tricky colour schemes, frustrating mazes, sneaky designs, and confusing language. Online platforms use these techniques to influence you into making unintended, unwilling and potentially harmful decisions, often into a direction that benefits them more than it benefits you.

The Video offers practical guidance to the public and organisations on how to assess and avoid deceptive design patterns which so regularly influence users’ online journeys. Click below to view.

To highlight the importance of privacy and the impact data protection may have on our daily lives, particularly in view of the interconnected online world in which we live, the Information Commissioner launched a public campaign (the “Campaign”) to better understand and examine the prevalence of online information sharing by parents and/or guardians, a phenomenon that is termed “sharenting”.

Titled “Data Protection in a World of Sharenting”, the Campaign was launched in October 2022 with the publication of an online survey, the issuance of a dual infographic and an awareness-raising audio-visual highlighting the pros and cons of the sharenting phenomenon.

The Campaign concluded with a report which explores the extent of sharenting in Gibraltar and assesses the levels of data protection awareness amongst local parents and/or guardians. Said report is available to download below.

For Data Protection Day 2022, the Information Commissioner’s office has published material and launched a campaign (the “Campaign”) titled “Data Protection Boosts the Digital Economy” which includes –

  • A series of infographics that highlight the main developments and trends in the ‘digital economy’, whilst also laying emphasis on the possible risks presented in the digital environment and appropriate safeguards provided by data protection legislation. 
  • An explanatory video that draws attention to the exponential growth in the volumes and types of data processed, and the relationship between data protection and the developing digital economy.

With this Campaign, the Information Commissioner aims to raise awareness of the growing ‘digital economy’, highlighting that, whilst a growing digital economy can in many instances be considered a positive evolution to business practices, such evolution must be accompanied by appropriate mechanisms that safeguard personal data and uphold individuals’ rights in relation to the same.

For Data Protection Day 2021, the Information Commissioner’s office published material and launched a campaign that focuses on the data protection rights of individuals, which included –

With this campaign, the Information Commissioner aims to raise awareness of privacy and data protection, and in particular, the rights that individuals have in relation to their personal data.

To mark Data Protection Day 2020, the Commissioner carried out a public Data Protection Survey (the “Survey”) to learn about the public’s -

  • awareness of data protection;
  • awareness in respect of the use of their personal data; and,
  • trust in how personal data is being handled by public and private sector service providers.

Published in October 2019, the Survey was made available on the GRA’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for a period of 3 months and a total of 120 responses were received.

The full Survey Report is available to download below.

To celebrate Data Protection Day 2019, the Information Commissioner’s office released a short video on the topic of privacy and data protection. The video forms part of the Information Commissioner’s “Control Your Privacy” campaign, the aim of which is to provide different sectors of the community with information about privacy rights.

The video links the emergence of new technologies that so greatly benefit the data-driven world we live in, to the importance of protecting your personal data and exercising your individual privacy rights. It helps raise awareness of the risks to privacy from new technologies and prompts viewers to think about the personal information they publish. It also highlights elements of the GDPR and how they affect individuals and their rights.

The Information Commissioner invites the public to view the video here.