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The offices of the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday


Further to the policy of HM Government of Gibraltar to increase social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19, our offices are closed to the public until further notice. We are working remotely and we will endeavour to assist you in as much as we are able to do so in the circumstances. Please email any enquiries to or call us on 200 74636, leave a voicemail message and a member of our team will get back to you.

We accept requests for licence applications and renewals by email, together with any necessary licence variations if applicable. Payment for these may be effected by bank transfer only. Licences will then be scanned and sent by e-mail together with a copy of the receipt. The originals will be held for collection at a later date when restrictions are lifted, or posted if required. For any queries regarding the renewal of your licence please send an e-mail to

Welcome to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority website


Welcome to the GRA's webpage on data protection and privacy awareness. This page provides information on the work that the GRA carries out to raise data protection awareness and privacy amongst the general public.

As well as raising awareness about the rights of individuals under data protection law, the GRA’s campaign aims to raise awareness of the risks to privacy from digital technology, and promote its responsible use, so that people have sufficient knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions about the opportunities offered by digital technology.

The GRA’s “Control Your Privacy” awareness raising campaign was launched in January 2014. The campaign involves a combination of activities, which can be summarised as comprising of 1) an awareness raising program for school students, 2) a social media campaign, 3) a yearly awareness raising event and 4) workshops for associations.

1) Awareness raising programme for school students

A campaign for schools has progressively developed to establish a yearly awareness raising framework involving middle and comprehensive schools in Gibraltar. In this respect, members of the GRA attend the schools to deliver presentations to students, followed by a Q&A session. Students are also asked to complete a privacy survey (found under the links below):

· Privacy Awareness School Survey 2019-2020

· Privacy Awareness School Survey 2018-2019

· Data protection schools survey report 2018

· Data protection schools survey report 2017

· Data protection schools survey report 2016

· Data protection schools survey report 2015

· Data protection schools survey report 2014

2) Social Media Campaign

The GRA makes use of its social media platforms to disseminate advice and information, and engage with the general public. Further to ad hoc advice and social media messages based on “current news”, the GRA has developed specific social media campaigns that run for a number of weeks, which focus on a particular subject (see below):

· 2017-18 School Privacy Awareness Survey

· Data Protection Impact Assessments

· Data Protection Officer

· Assess your data protection compliance

· Data protection CCTV

· Know your data protection responsibilities

. Data Portability

. How to Prepare for Brexit

. Guidance on International Transfers

. Guidance on Consent

. GDPR: Guidance on Marketing

. GDPR: Guidance on the use of CCTV

. GDPR: Guidance on rights of the individual

. Data Protection and Covid-19