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The following report relates to the results of a privacy awareness survey carried out in schools in Gibraltar during the 2018/19 academic year. The survey examined the relationship between the use of new digital technology, social networking sites (“SNS”) and privacy matters and formed part of an awareness raising programme for schools, organised by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, as the Information Commissioner, in cooperation with the Department of Education. 

The report details the results from the Survey and analyses the information gathered by comparing them to the results collated from previous years. In doing so, the Commissioner’s office is able to identify any key changes or behavioural trends in privacy practices amongst students in Gibraltar when using digital technology, particularly when using SNS.

The key findings of the survey can be summarised as follows: 

1. Virtually all students use SNS including 99% of Year 7 Students.

2. Daily use of SNS for private messaging increases with age.

3. Use of SNS to post comments by Year 11 Students has decreased.

4. Use of SNS to post photos or videos by students has marginally decreased.

5. In keeping with previous year’s results, the Year 11 Students continue to be the year group that use privacy controls the most. The use of privacy controls on SNS by the Year 7 Students has dropped by 11% from last year.

6. There is a continued risk to privacy from ‘media rich’ SNS such as WhatsApp.

7. 86% of all students surveyed reveal information about others without their consent.

8. Students are increasingly using security features such as a PIN to protect access to their mobile devices, however Year 7 Students are the least secure in this regard. 86% of all students surveyed reveal information about others without their consent.

9. The emergence of online console gaming apps poses potential risks to the younger users.

To see the full document, please download it from the link below.