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Welcome to the Information Commissioner’s guidance page on the Freedom of Information Act 2018 (“FOIA”).

The following list of documents that provide guidance on the FOIA are intended for members of the public who may be seeking to request information from public authorities under the FOIA, as well as for relevant public authorities that are subject to the FOIA.

You may contact our office on for further information if you are unable to find the guidance that you are looking for or require further assistance.

The following flowchart provides guidance on the process that applies to the handling of requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2018 (“FOIA”), by public authorities.

The flowchart does not intend to capture all the provisions of the FOIA in detail, nor does it set out all possible eventualities in detail. It does however provide the general framework within which freedom of information requests should be processed, as well as the steps that public authorities should consider when processing the same.