Welcome to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority website


The GRA, established under the Gibraltar Regulatory Act 2000, is an independent statutory body. Our principal duty is to further the interests of citizens and consumers where appropriate, by promoting competition and encouraging innovation.

The GRA has a wide range of responsibilities across various sectors, and sets and enforces regulatory rules in accordance with Gibraltar and EU legislation. Our remit includes to promote data privacy and uphold information rights, and regulate and enable competition in the electronic communications, broadcasting, satellites and postal sectors.

Data Protection

Under the Data Protection Act 2004, the GRA is nominated as the Data Protection Commissioner and is thereby the independent statutory body responsible for the enforcement of data protection law in Gibraltar, and carries out the functions assigned to it, to uphold the rights of individuals and their privacy. Amongst other things, this includes the provision of advice on data protection related matters and the investigation of complaints, as well as raising awareness on privacy issues.


Under the Communications Act 2006, the GRA is responsible for regulating the electronic communications sector and is the national supervisory and regulatory authority for telecommunications in Gibraltar. Its remit includes, amongst others, the issuing of general authorisations and licences, fixed-line telephony, internet access/broadband and mobile voice and data services.


The GRA is responsible for regulating media service providers under Gibraltar jurisdiction and carries out its duties under the Broadcasting Act 2012. These include granting and enforcing licences to radio and television broadcasters, investigating complaints about licensed broadcasters, dealing with regulatory matters relating to broadcasting standards, issuing codes of practice and guidance notes, encouraging the promotion of media literacy, publishing information, and providing advice to consumers and broadcasters.

Radio Communications

The GRA is responsible for radiocommunications, satellite communications and international co-ordination.This includes administering the regulatory provision of the satellite services industry. Under Part VI of the Communications Act 2006, the GRA is also responsible for the management and control of the electro-magnetic spectrum. Amongst its duties, it carries out regular site inspections of sites known to emit radio waves, with a view to ensuring they operate within recognised safety guidelines.

Postal Services

The GRA is responsible for the granting and enforcement of licences and general authorisations to postal service providers under the provisions of the Post Office Act.

The GRA’s statutory requirement is to promote development and enhance competition within the local postal services sector, whilst securing the provision of a competitive universal postal service. The GRA is also responsible for monitoring the operational developments of the designated universal service provider and monitoring performance against established standards.