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In October 2012, the Gibraltar Parliament passed the Broadcasting Act 2012. The Act transposed into Gibraltar law the Audiovisual Media Services Directive. It also created a licensing regime in relation to broadcasting for the first time in Gibraltar. Licences are required by all radio and television broadcasters which, prior to October 2012, were exempt under the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation Act which this Act repealed.

The Act transferred all regulatory powers to the GRA. As a result, a new Broadcasting Division was created in the GRA which is responsible for the following:

  •   Granting and enforcement of licenses to radio and television broadcasters
  •   Deal with regulatory matters relating to broadcasting standards
  •   Issue codes of practice and guidance notes
  •   Encourage the promotion of media literacy
  •   Publish information and provide advice to consumers and broadcasters

The Broadcasting Division regularly reviews local broadcasting services, providing guidance and direction as and when required, ensuring broadcasters abide by the set codes of practice and regulations.