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What is Electronic Communications?

The term “Electronic Communications” is an umbrella term which encompasses all the network types and associated apparatus that may be used for the transmission of electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic signals regardless of the service or application running over them. These include fixed line telephony services, mobile telephony, Internet access and data services etc.

What is our role?

We operate in a fast, challenging European and International environment which requires adequate and harmonised approaches to regulation.

Our goal is to enhance competition and encourage innovation and creativity in the communications sector by facilitating market entry of local service and network providers.

We investigate industry and consumer complaints by dealing with complex issues of law, economics and technology, and ensuring that our decisions are taken fairly and are clearly explained.

Our team also monitors and supervises the communications markets with an aim to protect operators and consumers.

When does the Communications Act 2006 apply?

The law applies whenever an individual or company provides a publicly available electronic communications network or service.