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These Guidance Notes contain useful and important information for Consumers who are planning on using Broadband speed tests. Follow our simple tips to carry out a speed test correctly.

This Guidance Note contains useful and important information for those travelling outside the EU and who intend to use their home mobile services, while away on their travels. In a minority of non-EU countries, some of the available Roaming networks offer their services at rates many times more expensive than other available networks. Read the guidance notes and find out potentially just how high these rates can turn out to be and how easy it is to encounter financial difficulty as a result, in particular, if some simple precautions are not taken by these users.

This Guidance Note contains useful advice on safeguarding your personal information, your computers and your portable Internet devices against email scams and malware attacks. The Guidance Note provides readers with an overview of what to look out for and how to put simple measures in place which will minimize the chances of exposing themselves to a virtual attack.

This Guidance Note contains useful and important information for those who are planning on making calls, sending texts or using data on their mobile phones whilst abroad. Follow our simple tips on how to stay safe and what to do if your phone gets lost or stolen.

This Guidance Note contains useful information for parents and guardians of young children who use the Internet. Questions posed within these notes are intended to make parents think about what their child may encounter while using the Internet and not assume that they can tell the difference between what are safe and unsafe Internet activities.

This guidance sets out the legal position relating to the reception of radio transmissions by unauthorised persons or groups.