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The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (the “Authority”) is designated as the competent authority for the promotion and enforcement of competition law in Gibraltar. Pursuant to such designation, the Authority must discharge all the functions, duties and obligations in accordance with the Competition Act 2020, acting in its capacity as the Gibraltar Competition and Markets Authority (the “GCMA”).

The mission of the GCMA is to make markets work well in the interests of consumers, businesses and the economy. Competition provides firms with incentives to deliver what consumers want, to provide value for money, to produce efficiently and to innovate; whilst well-informed, active consumers can play a key role in driving competition between firms.

The GCMA aims to work with Government, other regulators, industry and the public to oversee certain business transactions and enforce competition rules. Its mandate includes assessing agreements between firms, regulating abuses of a dominant position, conducting market studies and market investigations, reviewing mergers, dealing with specific types of complaints and investigating cartels. The GCMA also has the function of publishing guidance on all competition matters, making proposals and providing advice to Government Ministers and making the public aware of ways in which competition may benefit consumers and the economy of Gibraltar.