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Further information is available here from the Gibraltar Amateur Radio Society's website.

Further information is available here from the Gibraltar Amateur Radio Society's website. 


What is CB Radio

CB is a short range radio service for both hobby and business use. It is designed to be used without the need to have any technical qualifications and not to cause interference to other radio users. Hence, only radios meeting certain specific requirements may be used.

The installation and use of all Citizens' Band Radio (CB) transceivers must be covered by a licence issued on behalf of the Minister for Telecommunications.

To use CB, you either need to hold a licence yourself or be directly supervised by a licence holder. However, we do offer exemptions to person’s aged 70 and over.

This regulation has not been repealed by the Communications Act 2006.

Do I need a CB licence?

Unless you are using CB radio under the direct supervision of another CB licence holder, you will need to take out a CB licence in your own name. Please note that children under the age of 14 years cannot hold a CB licence.

How much does a CB licence cost?

The licence currently costs £12 per year for the first 2 units and £10 for each additional unit, free to those aged 70 years and older, no matter how many sets or channels you use.

How do I get a CB licence?

To apply for a CB licence, a completed application form must be sent to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority together with payment for the appropriate amount (see above) and made payable to: “Gibraltar Regulatory Authority”.

How long does a licence run for?

A CB licence runs for one year from the date of issue.

Does my licence cover anyone else?

The licence has been amended so that to use CB, you either need to hold a licence yourself or be directly supervised by a licence holder. Direct supervision means that the licence holder should be in the general proximity of the non-licence holder, for example, in the same room.

Can I get a refund if I stop using CB?

No, refunds are not offered for CB licences. The licence is not offered on a 'time basis' or to cover specific items of equipment.

Do I need a licence for 'Walkie-Talkies'?

Yes, if they operate within the CB bands. A licence must cover even low power handheld CB radios.

Note: Operation of walkie-talkies at 49 MHz is licence exempt, however, the walkie-talkies must conform to specific equipment approval requirements.

Do I need a licence for each set of CB frequencies?

No, the CB licence allows you to operate on either or both of the sets of CB frequencies.

Is the fee reduced for anyone?

Since 1 December 2002, licences have been free to those individuals who are aged 70 or over.

Additional Information on Equipment

For information on equipment requirements please refer to the information sheet provided in the attachments.


A point-to-point link is a dedicated link that connects exactly two communication facilities (e.g. two nodes of a network, an intercom station at an entryway with a single internal intercom station, a radio path between two points...).

Attached is the application form required for users to obtain a licence along with guidance notes.


Wireless Dealer's Licence. Required for all companies trading in licensable radio-communications equipment.