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The Communications Division may resolve disputes for consumers.

This section provides consumers of electronic communications services with a quick and simple way in which to request the Division’s assistance with a dispute you have had with your service provider.

If you have been involved in a dispute which has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please complete and submit the Dispute Resolution Request Form found here below.


The GRA is unable to assess your dispute until you have first raised it with your service provider and your case has been finalised using their disputes resolution procedures.

In accordance with the Notice on General Conditions, all service providers must have a code of practice for the handling of complaints and resolving of disputes. This code of practice must be offered free of charge, to any consumer or end user involved in a complaint or dispute and must also be available on the service provider's website.

It is important therefore, that in order to reduce the risk of any unnecessary delays which may result as a consequence of not having complied with the correct procedure, that those seeking to request assistance from the GRA for the resolution of a dispute, ensure that they have already filed a request for resolution of a dispute with their service provider and exhausted all possible avenues of resolution.

If you wish to raise a dispute, please read the GRA's procedures for the handling of consumer disputes HERE.