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The Right of Reply Code (the “Code”), which came into effect from 8th November 2012, provides for the broadcast by a broadcaster of a Right of Reply Statement that will facilitate the correction of incorrect information which has been broadcast on television and which has resulted in a person's honour or reputation being impugned. This scheme details the process for exercising a Right of Reply and the manner in which the public can utilise this process. Though the Code is aimed at television broadcasters, radio broadcasters are strongly encouraged to comply with the principles and applicable rules contained herein.

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (the “Authority”) has developed the Code further to the requirements of the Broadcasting Act 2012 and it is intended to provide an opportunity for a person to exercise his/her right to the correction of incorrect information without recourse to legal proceedings which may prove time-consuming and costly.

A request for a Right of Reply should be made to the broadcaster who is required to include on its website a copy of the Scheme and information about the contact person to whom requests for a Right of Reply may be made. Decisions by broadcasters to refuse such requests can be reviewed by the Authority.

This Code amends a previous document published 22nd November 2011.